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Common Sleep-Aid Myths

Busting Sleep Aid Myths

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, yet some people are hesitant to take a sleep-aid. Perhaps they’ve heard the myths about sleep aids and not the facts. Let’s see if you can tell fact from fiction.

1. All sleep-aids are addictive.1.

myth! While some other sleep-aids do have addictive properties, all Unisom products are safe and non-habit forming when used as directed.

2. Sleep-aids shouldn’t knock you out.1

truth! There is such a thing as sleeping too hard, and this type of sleep isn’t a restful one. Unisom is formulated to make you sleepy—not knock you out.

3. Choosing a sleep-aid isn’t easy.1

truth! Not all sleep-aids work for everyone. Sometimes you need to try a few to get your best possible sleep. Luckily, Unisom has several products to choose from.

4. You should always take a sleep-aid that contains medicine for pain.

myth! Just like with any other medicine, you should only take medicine for your symptoms. But if you do have pain, Unisom PM Pain will help you get a restful, painless night’s sleep.

5. Sleep-aids are not a cure-all for insomnia.

truth! Unisom products are designed to help the occasionally troubled sleeper get a restful night’s sleep. However, Unisom is not a cure for chronic insomnia. If you believe you may have chronic insomnia, please see your doctor.

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